The Foundation and its purpose

The Foundation "Collection of historical securities" was founded by SIX Group Ltd in 2002 and endowed with a foundation capital of CHF 50,000.

The Foundation's purpose is to acquire, administrate and extend a large collection of securities from around the world as part of mankind's cultural and economic heritage. The collection, or parts of it, is presented to the public in the form of a permanent exhibition, special exhibitions, special events or temporary exhibitions organised for third parties. This unique collection represents a true "asset" for the Swiss financial centre as it helps raise public awareness of the importance of securities and securities settlement as well as of the role played by the financial centre at large.

The Foundation "Collection of historical securities" is domiciled at Olten. It is subject to the supervision of the Eidg. Stiftungsrat, the Federal Foundations Regulatory Authority. As it is a non-profit organisation, any donations made by companies and individuals are tax-deductible.

For more information on the Foundation "Collection of historical securities", please contact us.