Museum Wertpapierwelt

Museum Wertpapierwelt

Being the world’s first international museum for historical bonds and shares Wertpapierwelt presents 400 years of economic history and allows the public a vivid and exciting look into different aspects of the world of securities.

A Museum for old shares and bonds?

We have all heard of stocks and shares, but few of us have actually seen one. What does a share look like? What do shares tell us about the issuing company's history, and what happens to them after the company's demise?

The Foundation "Collection of historical securities" has looked deeply into these questions. The acquisition of the world's most significant collection of historical securities paved the way for the first international securities museum.

Shares reflect our cultural heritage

Four hundred years have passed since the foundation of the first modern joint stock company on 20 March 1602. On that day, the Dutch East India Company was called into being in the Netherlands. Today, the global economy would be unthinkable without the share as a financing instrument and economic motor.

The history of the share is at the same time also the history of everyday life. Shares reflect our cultural heritage and provide a thrilling documentation of the social conditions of each epoch since the beginning of the seventeenth century.

Influences from the spheres of economics, science, art and culture converge in share certificates. Many of mankind's more ambitious projects were financed with the help of securities. The museum reveals how securities are connected to our everyday lives and brings famous personalities of days gone by back to life. Ultimately, it is man with his innovative power who has changed the face of the earth over the past centuries – and the share has been the vehicle for this revolution.