The world of securities – from the beginnings to the present

Wertpapierwelt, the first museum worldwide to exhibit historical securities, welcomes you. Come and join us on a journey through four centuries of economic history documented by selected historical shares and bonds from 63 countries.

Our journey through time and space has its point of origin in Europe, the cradle of the public limited company; more precisely, in the Netherlands. It was there that the East India Company, the world's first public limited company, was founded on 20 March 1602. The exhibits include a bond of the Dutch East India Company, designed to raise funds for its projects, as well as a share of the English East India Company, an enterprise launched some years later by the English in an effort to emulate the Dutch example. Not by accident, it was from England that the Industrial Revolution conquered the Old World.

Public limited companies with the purpose of exploiting inventions, fostering railway and mining companies and infrastructure corporations as well as the first industrial giants saw the light of day in those times. In our exhibition, you are not only likely to encounter the names of still existing companies with a long-standing tradition. We also have some surprises in store for you: a blend of securities with an extraordinary visual appeal, bearing witness to corporations or branches of industry of former glory.