Shop around the clock

The share paves the way to consumer society.

Shares are something for speculators, the epitome of capitalism. This sentence and others like it have been reverberating since the last financial crisis. But this is a short-sighted perspective.

Public limited companies and shares therein have become a fixture in our contemporary age. They accompany us on our daily business, morning, noon and night. When purchasing food or clothing, household appliances or even a new car, the label is often of great importance. And behind this label is usually a public limited company.

Even in our free time, we continuously encounter public limited companies – televisions, sports stadiums, opera houses and theaters have been financed by issuing securities for some time now. The list goes on and on …

A quick walk through the shopping centers of the world revolving around securities shows just how extensively the security as a financial instrument has penetrated our everyday lives.