The collection of the museum comprises around 10,000 historical securities from roughly 150 countries and documents global economic history from the inception of the public limited company to the present day. The exhibits include numerous artistic certificates of cultural and historical value.

Our database collection contains approximately 10,000 securities

The collection's image database contains both the fronts and backs of all the approximate 10,000 securities in the collection, and can be viewed electronically at the museum. The database represents a unique archive of historical securities.

Focal points

Certificates of the first public limited companies

Compagnie des Indes, 1755

Anleihevertrag, 1545

Real Companìa de San Fernando de Sevilla, 1753

Kongelige Danske Westindiske Handels Selskab, 1778

Luoghi di Monte, 1674

East India Company, 1795

Securities holding a special significance in economic or cultural-historical terms

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), 1935

The Stockton & Darlington Railway Company, 1858

Société Générale de Crédit Mobilier, 1866

Société Civile de la Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez, 1930

General Motors Corporation, 1964

Siemens & Halske Aktiengesellschaft, 1897

Shares and bonds bearing original signatures

Charles Spencer Chaplin: The Chaplin Studios, Inc., 1918

Alfred Nobel: Bofors-Gullspang, 1894

Thomas Alva Edison: Edison Storage Battery Company, 1904

John D. Rockefeller: Standard Oil Company, 1882

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Ilmenauer Bergwerk, 1791

Nathan M. Rothschild: Alliance British & Foreign Life & Fire Assurance Company, 1824

Art on securities certificates

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro: Fabrica de Faiançãs das Caldas da Rainha, 1884

Josef Hoffmann: A. Gerngross Aktiengesellschaft, 1920

Józef Mehoffer: Polska Ruda Zelazna, 1922

Constant Montald: Banque d'Outremer, 1919

Alfons Mucha: Paris-France SA, 1898

Johann Baptist Sonderland: Harpener Bergbau Actien-Gesellschaft, 1858

Securities of world famous companies that have become icons

The Walt Disney Company, 1992

Société de la Tour Eiffel, 1968

The Mercedes Company Limited, 1905

Wiener Riesen Rad Limited, 1898

Kaufhaus GUM, 1911

eBay Inc., 2002

Securities from Switzerland

Baugesellschaft Olten Aktiengesellschaft, 1897

S.A. de la Fabrique d'Horlogerie LeCoultre & Cie, 1905

Anleihe der Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen, 1938

Aktiengesellschaft Chocolat Tobler, 1920

Swissair, 1947

Escher Wyss & Cie., 1912