The networked business world – Globalization and shares

Exhibition to commemorate ten years of Wertpapierwelt

Virtually everybody knows what globalization means and most people have their own opinion on the subject.

Many people assume that this is a phenomenon of our current times. However, the build-up of a global network between trade and finance, producers and consumers started as early as in the 17th century when the big shipping companies brought tea, coffee, spices and silk to Europe.

Why do we need a global financial market? Have fast food and everything associated with it proved a bane or a boon to our consumption patterns? Who makes money on what I buy and can I imagine living without a cell phone and the Internet? Questions like this are characteristic of typical globalization phenomena. Everyone has to answer these questions themselves. By means of securities the exhibition “The networked business world” connects selected subject areas of globalization – capital flows, communication, the value chain and our consumption culture.

Lehman Brothers Holdings, 2008

Apple Computer, 2001

Chen Feng Spinning and Weaving Co., 1947

Kursiong & Darjeeling Tea Company, 1847

McDonald’s Corporation, 2005

Compagnie Française du Télégraphe de Paris a New-York, 1879

Alexandria Shipping & Navigation Co., 1974