Shares & Co. – How financial instruments work

Shares & Co. – How financial instruments work

The exhibition "Shares & Co" addresses all those who would like to find out more about the world of stock exchanges and finances.

The world of finance has witnessed highly varied instruments through the centuries that serve the purpose of generating or investing money. But how exactly do these securities function? How did the stock exchange come about? What is share capital and why are securities no longer printed these days?

In a reconstruction of the former ring trading in a genuine stock exchange atmosphere, the exhibition explains the workings of a wide range of financial instruments from both past and present. The trading rings take turn in providing information of each of the various types of shares, bonds, derivatives, not to mention securities, that were important in the past but have since disappeared or been rendered obsolete.

Letter of credit: Banco delle due Sicilie, 1830

Government bond: State of Zurich, 1907

Preferred share: Porsche AG, 2001

Warrant: CS-Warrant on Gold, 1987