Many of our exhibition resources continue to be available online. View a selection of the images, brochures and special features no longer on view at the museum Wertpapierwelt.

Exhibition to commemorate ten years of Wertpapierwelt

To commemorate its ten-year anniversary, Wertpapierwelt is presenting a new type of exhibition: one of modular design that invites visitors to look at the world of securities from different perspectives.

Women and finance – An evolving image

While the "world of securities" is still largely perceived as a male-dominated environment, it is not until you take a closer look at historic share and bond certificates that you realize women can be found everywhere you look.

Shop around the clock

The share paves the way to consumer society.

Booms & crashes – Securities tell the story of the stock exchange

Here we go again: Wild price swings on the stock exchange – both upward and downward – cause the protagonists of the financial industry and private investors to hold their breath.

Tradition and innovation – Swiss economic history on securities certificates

At the new exhibition of Wertpapierwelt, the Swiss economic history is presented for the first time on securities certificates.

Higher – faster – further – The history of mobility on securities

In time for the jubilee "150 years of railways in Olten", Wertpapierwelt is devoting an exhibition to the topic of mobility on land and water, and in the air.

From handwriting to holograms – securities design through the ages

The exhibition of the museum "Wertpapierwelt" in Olten is devoted to the stylistic evolution of the security during the last 400 years.

Rich and powerful – great personalities on securities

"Rich and Powerful" the current exhibition is fully dedicated to the rich and powerful in the history of securities.

The world of securities – from the beginnings to the present

A journey through four centuries of economic history documented by selected historical shares and bonds.